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EVENTIVO – Business events

Events such as trainings, conferences, seminars, exhibitions, etc. are an important element of the policy of each company.

For the success of this policy we will offer you everything perfectly planned in every detail.

EVENTIVO – Corporate parties

They can effectively motivate your team of associates. Have a business party which will be long remembered by your employees. Let us organize it for you.

EVENTIVO – Team Building

Your team is your most important equity during the crisis. Invest in it, let us teach them cooperation and team spirit. The results will be a pleasant surprise for you.

EVENTIVO – consultations , planning , organization of individual and group tourist programmes

Transport, hotels at your choice , trips and entertainment, interpretation , rent – a car, tickets for concerts, performances, sports events, movies, admission to private parties , elite and private clubs, restaurant reservations, companions for trips to the most exquisite and stylish shops, malls, auctions, antique shops, and jewelry shops, etc.

EVENTIVO – Weddings, birthday parties, and other private parties

Have you ever dreamed of a fairy-tale weeding? Do you want to have the best party for your child? Would you like to impress your guests and be the star? Save yourselves the inevitable rush and pre – celebration anxiety . We will plan every minute for you: from the wedding budget to the printing of invitations and the list of wedding gifts.

EVENTIVO – Full-Service Advertising Agency

We  offers a complete range of services including marketing research; media planning; creative design of packaging and advertisements, etc.

EVENTIVO – Venue selection

For each event, from a conference to a birthday party, we will ensure the best venue supplied will all the necessary equipment: conference systems, sound effects , lighting, video equipment, and we will present all opportunities to you in detail

EVENTIVO – Vision and scenario

With the assistance of professional writers , script writers , actors , and directors , we will develop your scrip , bearing in mind your objectives, ideas, and financial capacity .

EVENTIVO – Catering 

We will consult you on all issues related to chefs, waiters, the menu, prices . We will take care of deadlines, quality and table arrangement.

EVENTIVO – Staff recruitment

If you need trainers, moderators, hostesses, and interpreters for your business events, any DJs or photographers for your corporate and private parties, a tourist guide for your tourist trips, we will spare you the efforts to find them.

EVENTIVO – Logistics and management

We not only plan and coordinate with you every little detail but we also take care to control the performance so as to avoid any failure.


We  offers a variety of courses developed effective methods. We offer our customers high-quality, flexible and effective training in various verify.To ensure the quality of education in each course is carried out regular monitoring of teachingThe trainings take place in the form of interactive workshops with multimedia presentations. Carry out extensive practical exercises. Intra-company seminars are developed individually depending on customer requirements and the specific training needs of employees

EVENTIVO – provision of social services

A SOCIAL ASSISTANT FOR  ADULTS  is a type of healthcare social worker who helps people with physical and mental disabilities cope with the challenges in their daily lives. The problems they face depend on the type of impairment and the severity of their disability. The term “disability” refers to how individuals interact with their environment. Disability social workers assist people in comprehending their diagnosis, and they support them in making lifestyle adjustments to accommodate their disability.




provision of social services



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